Liquid calcium has been proven to raise soil pH. Acidic soil, or low pH, is a result of too much hydrogen. Calcium naturally reduces hydrogen levels, increasing soil pH and ultimately nutrient uptake, bringing you a fuller, healthier food plot!

About Us

Buck Bribe, a part of AgriTec International, focuses on products for the hunter. Where AgriTec specializes in making the top liquid fertilizers and chelated soil treatments on the market, Buck Bribe aims to bring those same products to hunters. Whether you’re self-applicating with a backpack sprayer or an ATV sprayer, our products work to ensure you have a healthy and high-yielding food plot.

Our 100% natural Buck Bribe fertilizer is perfect for your food plot, whether you’re planting high protein perennial seeds or high carbohydrates annual seeds. It increases ground coverage, root length, and drought resistance. It is the perfect product to add structure to your plot, making hungry deer feel comfortable feeding. This brings the big bucks to the center of your food plot and right in the kill zone!




Buck Bribe offers easy to apply liquid fertilizer products. All products can be used with a standard liquid sprayer, whether on a tractor or simply with an ATV. Additionally, all products are packaged as a concentrate, so sizes are compact and easy to work with until mixing at application.

With Buck Bribe and AgriTec’s products, you can ensure that your food plot is equipped with the tools it needs to be the greenest and the fullest it has ever been. Stop wasting money on dry fertilizer that is hard to manage, takes too long to break down, and wastes your money!

Buck Bribe’s fertilizers are all ortho-phosphates and chelated, so they are available for uptake by the plant from the moment they hit the ground. In contrast, other fertilizers can take up to two months or longer to break down and become available—missing critical stages of growth. These dry fertilizers lose up to 40% of their substances to dissipation and lack of breakdown. This issue is eliminated with Buck Bribe liquid fertilizers.