Fertilizing_For brassica fertilization

(turnips, rape, kale, and radishes)

Nitro-Buck is a nitrogen alone fertilizer to offer additional nitrogen to any crop. Although legumes do create most of their nitrogen needed for a successful crop, adding additional nitrogen after emergences of crop as a foliar feed in a small amount can push crop production to the next level.

Application Rate: 2 to 3 gallons per acre

NitroBuck - Enhance Your Food Plot's Nitrogen Levels and Plant Health with Buck Bribe's NitroBuck Nitrogen Fertilizer.

“G3 | Orthophosphate fertilizer”

G3 is a liquid solution with the best source of potash and phosphorus that is immediately available to the soil. No need to wait for rain or for breakdown times, G3 can be easily applied during many stages of growth to ensure crops are getting the phosphorus and potassium they need for the best possible growth.

G3 is a low nitrogen, high phosphorus and potassium liquid fertilizer, used mostly for legume crops that fixate most of their own nitrogen in the root zone of the plant.

Application Rate: 5 To 8 Gallons Per Acre

G3 Fertilizer 3-18-18+ - Boost Your Food Plot's Growth and Nutrition with Buck Bribe's G3 Fertilizer Blend.