Ground Zero-Buying-Guide

Ground Zero offers the all around #1 soil amendment formula for food plots. Ground Zero contains a blend of liquid calcium to boost cell production, balance soil pH, and increase nutrient uptake much faster than traditional ag-lime. It also contains Humic Acid to provide proper nutrient exchange and boost protein levels as well as containing a patented blend of trace minerals and micronutrients that provide a high energy source for plants, boosting root growth and production. 

If you recently cleared a wooded area for the food plot or are seeing an abundance of weeds in the area of the food plot, Ground Zero calcium is a needed addition to raise soil pH, reduce soil acidity, and knock back the germination of weeds in the area. In addition to raising soil pH, Ground Zero can be applied on top of new seeding areas to increase seed germination and offer a better start to new growth. 

Application Rate: 5 to 8 gallons per acre

Ground Zero - Enhance Soil pH and Promote Optimal Plant Growth with Buck Bribe's Ground Zero Liquid Calcium Solution. Improve Your Food Plot's Calcium Levels and Maximize Yield Potential.