Seed Starter-Buying-Guide

Drop Tine is a nutritional plant supplement that can be used a soil treatment, seed start, or foliar feed. Drop Tine contains a blend of micronutrients and minerals that provide a unique source of nutrition to the plant and to the soil. This blend of micronutrients also contains Humic Acid, which provides valuable nutrition for the plant and adds feed value to the crop.

Drop Tine boosts plant growth and production by amplifying photosynthesis, adding high carbon energy to the soil, increasing plant immune systems, and much more. Drop Tine can be applied directly to the soil, pre-green up, or as a foliar feed to add an instant source of nutrition to the plant.

Application Rate: 32 ounces per acre

Drop Tine Soil Amendment - Enhance Your Food Plot's Health with Micronutrients from Buck Bribe's Drop Tine Product.